Sneak Peak at Xbox One Accessories


Xbox One Accessories provides a new way of interaction with the system. The accessories are loaded with controllers that offer tempting way to save a lot of money. Here is the list of best Xbox one accessories:

  • Xbox One media remote: Incorporated with superior features that best suits for lounge entertainment. The remote can handle standard IR remote signals and catch-up services like BBC iPlayer on –board.
  • Logitech Harmony Smart Keyboard: If you want to treat your Xbox One a bit just likes a computer this accessory best suits you. This smart keyboard let users to type addresses on their computer and also translates the keyboard signals into IR and Wi-Fi commands.
  • Xbox One Digital TV tuner: In 2014 Microsoft launched an affordable TV tuner box that includes the Xbox One Free view TV skills. You can attach into your console through USB and then plugs into an aerial at the other end. Some of its features are: it can pause live TV and supports HD channels.
  • CronusMax: It is a USB dongle by which users are allowed to use gamepads from any platform.
  • Xbox One Chat Headset: This headset is similar to the one as Xbox 360. It includes one earpiece along with a microphone boom sticking out. At the end of the cord, audio/mute controls are placed. Sound quality is superb as it includes a large audio quality via the HDMI audio port.
  • Xbox One Play and Charge Kit: This product is very similar to the recharge kit for the Xbox 360. It includes rechargeable battery that is packed with a cable to connect the controller to the Xbox One. Users can play while charging. It is believed that controller is able to charge while the console is on standby mode and it will take less than 4 hours to get controller fully charged.

Features of Xbox 360 AC Adapter

Xbox 360 AC Adapter is ideal for restoring any lost or broken AC power adapter while playing games. It has an auto voltage feature that can be used anywhere in the world. The power status is indicated by a LED light and this power adapter helps users to energize their system for number of hours. They can enjoy their favorite games to play for number hours without any uninterrupted interruption.


Power cords

  • DC power cords: It is permanently fixed to the PSU and connects to the Xbox 360 console. It includes two power cords that have two gray buttons and can be pressed to release the plug from Xbox 360. This cord is 1.2 meters long and a power connector is always connected at the end of the DC power cord.


  • AC power cords: This power cord is about 1.8 meters long and is removable from the power supply unit. Number of holes in the end of power cord indicates the number of prongs into the PSU. It is better to use a power cord that is designed for your PSU, because if you use other power cord it may damage Xbox console.

In order to offer sufficient cooling, the Xbox 360 external power supply uses a built-in fan that blows air through the PSU. When users switch to this power button Xbox 360 console starts along with the PSU fan. The fan automatically disconnects when Xbox 360 is on standby mode. The speed of the fan reduces or increases with the change in temperature of the PSU. Users can express continuous game play with Xbox 360 AC clean the Xbox 360 AC Adapter you can bloe compressed air through the vent holes and clean them with a sharp pointed knife or needle.

Get to Know About PS4 Accessories


Having a PS4 and a TV does not complete your gaming setup. There are lots of other PS4 accessories that make it complete. All these accessories are available at an affordable rates and offer good gaming experience for users. To make your PS4 gaming experience more better choose these accessories:

  • PlayStation Audio Headsets: These headsets deliver exceptional sound quality that gives users an amazing gaming experience. They have high fidelity 7-1 virtual sound that gives an exciting way to explore gaming world.
  • PlayStation Camera: Users can navigate and play in a more exciting way with PS4 camera. Its camera has dual wide angle lenses and four microphones that are blend in a way to make a perfect companion for your PS4 systems. Users can get hands-free navigation and new ways to play games and personalized game play streams.
  • Project SkyLight Beta PS System Faceplates: Transform your PS4 system with this faceplate and get the best way to modify your system. It is designed in a special way and available for short time.
  • DUALSHOCK 4 Charging Station: This charging station gives a new power to your hands. Users can power up to two wireless controllers at the same time. The charger station includes analog sticks, inbuilt motion sensors, an integrated speaker and touch controllers.
  • PS4 Vertical Stand: Users can display PS4 in a way they want and can save the space around their TV.

Analog PS4 ORB Thumb Grips 4 Pack: These thumb grips offer added comfort and control for handling controls of thumbsticks. They are packed with 4x dotted pattern grips, made from high quality soft TPU material assuring long lasting feature. Users can simply push fit installation with no extra tools are required. Fitted with rubber grip caps these thumb grips offer extra comfort while playing games.